MRB Attorneys alone and or in collaboration with other associated firms and consultants, have accomplished a number of investments, commercial and transactional advisory work for different clients; including inter alia:

  • Drafted and advised on a Joint venture agreement between Banque Populaire du Rwanda Ltd on a joint venture transaction for the construction of a mega commercial complex in Kigali;
  • Advised on the due execution on the line of credit for Rwanda Development Bank from European Investment Bank;
  • Have advised and continue to advice Equity Bank, Bank of Kigali, Ecobank, I&M Bank and Rwanda Development Bank on different transactions including drafting, review and analysis of several loan and security agreements;
  • Undertook due diligence and advised on the divestiture of some of the GoR Equity in MAGERWA;
  • Advised in the loan acquisition negotiations and contract drafting for Vision Hotel Ltd (Fair Construction Ltd) and PTA bank, Kenya Commercial bank and BRD Ltd;
  • Undertook due diligence for FINA Bank for anticipated medium note listing on the Rwanda Stock Exchange;
  • Have advised, handled and continue to handle receivership and insolvency transactions such as SOPROTEL Ltd and KP1
  • In conjunction with the Law Development Partnership (LDP) of UK, MRB undertook advisory services for the Rwanda Law Reform Commission on harmonization and approximation of Rwandan Laws to the East African Community Treaty, Protocols, directives and decisions. This included doing a comprehensive legal audit, as well asreviewing, redrafting and or drafting prioritized business laws such as the laws on partnerships (limited and unlimited), the Law on Companies and the Law on Insolvency.
  • Provided legal advisory services to support the International Gorilla Conservation Programme (IGCP) to review and regularize its domicile in Rwanda. The transaction involved reviewing and redrafting all its Constitutive documents, Partnership agreements and Headquarters Agreement.
  • In collaboration with the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR) of UK, MRB acted as local counsel on advising and supporting the Kigali International Arbitration Centre (KIAC) develop an all-inclusive and effective Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) policy for Rwanda, a strategy as well as reviewing and redrafting of mediation regulations
  • In collaboration with the Institute of Legal Practice & Development (ILPD), MRB provided the lead consultant to undertake a comparative institutional, skills levels and gaps study for the Rwanda bar Association (RBA) in order to propose a short and long term capacity development program for purposes of enabling RBA lawyers to get prepared to fit within the East African Community anticipated cross boarder legal practice framework
  • Provided legal advisory services as local counsel on a complex syndicated loan and related security documentation to support the establishment of a peat extraction project and development of a peat energy plant by the HAKAN GROUP in Rwanda. MRB was engaged to review and advise on all documents ranging from loan agreements, concession agreements, mortgages, guarantees debentures and other security instruments to ensure that they are in line with Rwanda’s legal and regulatory framework, registrable in an enforceable under Rwandan law.