Our practice covers the full spectrum of the energy industry including off grid and on grid energy. To this end we have represented and continue to represent clients in the following areas among others:

  • Negotiations and applications for gas concessions and licences
  • Advice on the upstream and downstream oil transactions
  • Negotiations and applications for hydro and thermal generation concessions and licences
  • Advising on investor financing including local, international and syndicated loan transactions
  • Negotiating and drafting Public – Private Partnership arrangements, including applications for and procurement of investment concessions, licences and incentives
  • Drafting, reviewing and negotiation of Power Purchase and Supply Agreements
  • Negotiations and applications for licences for water production and treatment plants
  • Provision of advisory services to different regulated utilities business operators


MRB Partners and lawyers have undertaken and continue to undertake advisory transactions for different clients in the telecommunications sector. These services include among others:

  • Telecommunications mergers and acquisitions
  • Telecoms privatizations and licensing
  • Applications for and auctions of licenses
  • Telecoms re-organization, capitalization and demergers
  • Exploitation and protection vested and reserved rights
  • Telecommunications services agencies and outsourcing
  • Information Communication Technology(ICT) lines passage easements, leases and land acquisitions
  • Incorporation, registration and protection of new and innovative IT startups and applications
  • Intellectual Property Registration


The Construction Industry is one of the key drivers of the Rwandan economy and is likely to be for a long time. At MRB Attorneys, we have advised and continue to advise different clients in the construction sector. Our services include but not limited to the following:

  • General advice on construction law in Rwanda, particularly city and country planning
  • Advising and assisting clients in the area of housing finance including creation and registration of security over construction projects and anticipated income.
  • Applications for and obtaining construction and occupation permits as well as other related authorizations
  • Drafting and advising on constructions contracts including joint ventures, PPPs, supervision and material supply contracts
  • Advising on safety and health compliance issues including insurance and third party rights
  • Advising and assisting on employment contracts including expatriate staff, immigration, social security and taxes
  • Negotiations and drafting agreements for access to roads and other easements
  • Negotiating and drafting of land acquisition, purchase and sales agreements including leases and short term tenancies
  • Procurement and assurance of titles including registration of condominiums
  • Short and long term management of estates and commercial properties.


Our practice offers you services on transactional, regulatory and contentious matters in the domain of mining and the extractive industry in Rwanda as a whole. To this end, our services include but not limited to the following:

  • General advice on legal, regulatory and related compliance requirements to undertake extractive business in Rwanda including prospecting for & mining of minerals, quarrying, clay, sand and other related material extractions on a commercial scale.
  • Applications for and Acquisition of concessions and licences
  • Negotiating and drafting Public Private – Partnerships including Revenue sharing agreements
  • Applications for and facilitation in the procurement of investment Licences and incentives
  • Negotiations and drafting of Joint Venture Agreements and floatation of special purpose vehicles
  • Acquisition of land rights including leases, transfers and access rights
  • Negotiation and drafting of artisanal and agency agreements including with existing cooperatives and new communities
  • Advising on environmental and health compliance issues including the conception and implementation of corporate social responsibility programs and undertakings.


Rwanda has one of the fastest growing Aviation Industry in Africa. At MRB Attorneys, we have positioned ourselves as the premier providers of legal services to the aviation industry. We collaborate with the best international practitioners in the field of aviation and thus our target is not only to serve Rwanda Civil Aviation operators but also serve the whole region in the sector with among others the following services:

    • General advice on Aviation Law including the Rwandan, Regional and international regulatory framework and compliance matters
    • Representing and advising aviation companies and operators on aviation related compliance requirements such as Licencing, Insurance, third party rights and domestic contracting and supply chains
    • Commercial leasing, Purchasing, funding and Registration of Aircraft
    • Multi-jurisdictional aircraft repossession
    • Dispute resolution and contract management
    • Labour matters and multi-jurisdictional claims