Our lawyers have served as independent consultants for government and government agencies including inter-governmental and international organisations on various justice sector, governance and other public sector reforms. MRB Attorneys has also partnered with different international firms and consultants to deliver on new policies, institutional reforms and capacity development programmes in the public sector. Our firm therefore is well positioned to provide among others, the following services to Governments of countries in transition:

    • Legal reform and drafting of new legislation
    • Curriculum development & Institutional reform
    • Training systems development
    • Capacity development through training, training of trainers and attachments
    • Recruitment and induction of personnel
  • Institutional & Legal audit
  • Legal reform and drafting of new legislation
  • Policy review and formulation
  • Institutional reform and development
  • Training and capacity development
  • Adapting and incorporation of international best practices
  • Undertaking Legal and Institutional Audits for compliance with the EAC Treaty and other supporting Instruments
  • Legal reform and drafting of new legislation that complies with the treaty
  • Undertaking Capacity Needs assessment in the relevant sectors and developing appropriate capacity development initiatives
  • Undertaking capacity assessment studies for professional and other EAC organization with a view to support them prepare better for cross boarder business
  • Offering specialized trainings on the functioning of the EAC institutions – the Secretariat, the Summit, the Assembly, the Court of Justice and other Institutions.